The Best Cat Treats

The Best Treat For Training


High-value treats make training exciting and engaging for your cat! The G.O.A.T. freeze-dried chicken treats from Primal Pet Foods are a low calorie, highly motivating treat made from sustainably sourced chicken, chicken liver, and gut-supporting goat milk. ($6,



The Best Hydrating Treat


The Churu lickable cat treats from Inaba are a Modern Cat office cat favourite! These hydrating treats are available in a variety of flavours cats adore. Made with premium proteins and no by-products, preservatives, or artificial colours, this low-calorie treat can also be used as a delicious topper on wet or dry food. ($4,



The Best Dental Treat 


Give your cat a treat that is designed to improve their dental health! The grain-free PlaqueOff System Crunchy Dental Bites for cats are made with ingredients like salmon oil and kelp to control and improve plaque, tartar, and bad breath. A delicious way to maintain your cat’s oral health! ($9,


The Best Treat For Cats With Allergies


If your cat has allergies or is sensitive to common proteins, treat them with UKIUKI’s freeze-dried food made only from duck. Handcrafted and minimally processed, this novel, human-grade protein makes an excellent nutritionally-dense treat or meal! ($13,

Best Functional Cat Treat


With their delicious chicken and tuna flavour, Suzie’s CBD Bites for Cats make it easy to treat your cat to the many benefits of CBD. Made with full-spectrum, human-grade, organic hemp grown on their USDA organic farm, they’re formulated specifically for felines and help with pain, anxiety, and more.($16,


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