Healthy Paws—Spring/Summer 2022


1. The Fix For Itchy Ears

Itchy, irritated ears bothering your feline? Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner is a gentle way to soothe and clean your cat’s ears, removing wax, dirt, mites, and odour. ($12,


2. Feline Facial

Relieve facial irritation and prevent infection with the Feline Antimicrobial Facial Therapy solution from Vetericyn Plus. Antibiotic and steroid-free, this miracle formula soothes, cleans, and promotes healing. ($13,

Snappy Tom

3. Upgrade Your Cat’s Dinner

Snappy Tom Ultimates is a high protein, limited ingredient food cats love! This clean formula is made with high-quality, sustainably sourced chicken and tuna, vitamins and minerals, and nothing you don’t want! ($2.20 per can,


4. Goodbye Cone of Shame!

Suitical’s vet-recommended feline Recovery Suit is a welcome alternative to the medical cone, comfortably protecting cats recovering from veterinary procedures, skin conditions, and more! ($40,


Primal Pet Foods

5. Meal Topper

Add a delicious boost to your cat’s meal with the Omega Mussels Fresh Topper from Primal Pet Foods! Mussel meat, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, and pork bone broth provide joint support. (from $12,

Boxie Cat

6. Probiotic Powered Litter

Don’t let your cat track unseen waste! BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter harnesses the power of probiotics to help deep clean your cat’s litter at a microscopic level, keeping their box and your house hygienic. (from $22,


7. A Better Kitten Formula

Formulated for newborn to eight-week-old kittens, Tailspring’s Kitten Milk Replacer is made with whole goat milk and human-grade ingredients. Ideal for kittens with sensitive stomachs, it’s made to closely match their mother’s milk. (from $33,


8. Sustainable Litter That Performs

Sustainable and lightweight, the Catalyst Pet Soft Wood cat litters clump well and offer superior odour control. Find a litter that meets your needs with their
Multi-Cat, Healthy Cat, and Unscented formulas!
(from $23,


9. Peak Nutrition 

Formulated to combine the best of raw and fresh diets, the handcrafted ZIWI Peak free-range, preservative-free chicken recipe for cats is made with gently air-dried chicken and New Zealand green mussels. (from $28,


10. Stop Whisker Stress

Bust boredom and allow your cat to eat in a natural crouched position! The LickiMat Casper can be used as a slow feeder, stops whisker stress, and lets your cat lick their food, encouraging calmness while enhancing taste! (from $8,


11. Health Boost

With glucosamine, amino acids, and a full spectrum vitamin and mineral complex, PureForm Pet Health’s Feline Essentials supplement helps cats of all ages! Aids with mobility, weight management, digestive and urinary health, and more. ($90,


12. Healthy Cat Treat

The Modern Cat feline testers LOVE the Churu lickable cat treats from Inaba! Made with premium proteins and no by-products, preservatives or artificial colours, this excellent, low-calorie treat can also be used as a delicious topper on wet or dry food. ($4,



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